Netsafe has good messages… BUT

I attended a Netsafe presentation to parents and caregivers at Wellington East Girls College recently. Some interesting and somewhat disturbing information was presented along with some useful advice on safety and kindness online. However, it did occur to me that:

a.   About 45 caregivers were in attendance, assuming one parent for each household this is around 4% of the school roll. This issue affects 100% of the students at WEGC. Not sure how you communicate with the other 96%

b.  The advice provided was sound but unlikely to be followed. Mostly, parents will not have the capability/skills/confidence required to implement… except maybe”talk to your children”. There may be a case to be made for contracting the technical aspects of keeping our children safe?

I commented to one parent “I am glad my own kids are grown up, I don’t have to deal with all these issues – they will though if they have kids of their own

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