Why won’t Skype ie Microsoft answer a simple question about their security?

Two months on and I am still chasing Skype ie Microsoft about fraudulent transactions. I guess 4 out of 5 ain’t bad…

My last 2 emails to Microsoft/Skype have asked the following…

4. For the record then, can you formally confirm/comment on the following:
    •Given I did not initiate the five transactions on 8th March – then who did? Can you please confirm that Skype itself was not compromised – this leading to the fraud. Given you have not/can not answer the question of how my account was compromised how can I and other readers of these emails have confidence with Microsoft/Skype security.
   • Please confirm it is my problem to deal with PayPal – even though Paypal categorically state it is your issue to fix. In other words your system cannot track the flow of money and initiate a reversal that works

I have written off the 36 Euros but I have little confidence that my account will not be compromised again. How arrogant these organisations are…

If you are going to place transaction systems online then you need good processes and people to deal with issues that arise. The last email I had from Skype is detailed below. Notwithstanding the poor grammar, my questions above were completely ignored! What a joke…

Hello Edwin,

Greetings from Skype!

Thank you for your patience and time responding to us. It seems that all of the transaction made on your account was detailed.

I guarantee it that the amount that you were charged for was reflected on your bank account.

I highly suggest you to contact your bank regarding the charges.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.


So I guess that’s it, there is no way to escalate (I asked) and no way for an individual to get this matter dealt with.

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