Lots to learn tramping…

View from Turere Lodge, Remutaka Forest park 

I accompanied a Duke of Edinburgh practice tramp this weekend (as the required teacher) – only one night out and 16km. Once again I had plenty to learn from experienced parents and two Year 13 students accompanying as experienced outdoor leaders (Ako in action). I learned:

  • Even at 700m on a nice day, it can be literally freezing, I see why hyperthermia is such a risk.
  • How to cross a river correctly using each other and pack straps… the way I was taught of linking arms is now out of date (improvements in pack technology allow better techniques).
  • How to put up an emergency shelter (or not)…
  • Year 10 students cannot read maps to save their lives – which is why they practice I guess.
  • Head-mounted torches are brilliant.
  • Merino wool is good but you need something substantially better for 0 degrees…
  • Buy a gaiter balaclava… would have made life more pleasant.
  • Year 10 students can survive one day with no cell phone coverage – and they seem to play a variation of Werewolf to keep themselves amused.
  • Buy and use a walking pole – great for leverage going up and avoiding slipping going down.
  • Check out the hut facilities – you may not need pots, pans, cutlery or even cooking equipment – this hut ie lodge had gas and solar lights. (Pure luxury.)
  • Year 10 students take around 2 hours to be quiet and go to sleep… next time do a two-hour side tramp up the steepest hill you can find.
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