Maybe I will give them typing to do…

I have a new Year 9 Digital Technologies(DT) class. Recall DT is an elective in New Zealand (at present) – something students (or their parents) choose to do.  Two new students made it quite clear, quite publicly that they did not want to be in my class, were “bored” and would rather eat or do nothing. All after only 10 minutes! Both were late to class and acted as if that was their God-given right to be. Neither had the required exercise books, headphones etc and made it clear that it was my problem. Wonderful, a great start 🙂

Assuming they stay I will need to find something useful for them to do, assuming they continue to have no interest in the course content… One option is an online typing course, several teachers and students that can touch type find this a very useful skill. Perhaps integrate this with aspects of the course that they find of interest (and explicitly ask them what they are interested in).

A compulsory DT curriculum to Year 10, depending on how it is delivered may find DT teachers having to learn a few new classroom management skills, hopefully not to the detriment of students that want to learn.

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