Community of Learning gaining momentum – Déjà vu

The Community of Learning initiative (of which WEGC is a member) is gaining some traction, this involves schools raising student achievement by working together to enable every student in our community, to succeed at each level, as they pass through our schools from early childhood to year 13 and beyond”.

This is one way of giving effect to student-centric education. A commendable but challenging goal. Reminds me of the aspirational goals set in the early days of e-government around integrated citizen-centric services. We are now starting to see some of these integrated services emerge a decade+ later.

Hopefully, schools clustered around the education of young people will be able to collectively deliver better student outcomes within a much faster timeframe.  Most of the challenges will be around good governance, correct incentives, common understanding, good communication, willing and focused collaboration etc…

I look forward to seeing how it all pans out (and contributing where I can).

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