More technology woes

Just another week in the life of tech woes…

  • Vodafone TV fails yet again, yes I know you are refunding 50% due to frequent freezes but frankly, this is not good enough
  • Vodafone remote controls – absolute RUBBISH, unusable, counter-intuitive… the Sky ones are way better
  • Radio Alarm clocks – just label the buttons ON and OFF…
  • Shower mixes, Silver inscriptions of H and C on a silver handle are not a great idea – ever hear of contrast?
  • Shrink wrap that is impossible to open without a chainsaw!
  • Parking meter inconsistencies in look and feel… Some take paywave others don’t, It takes an educated person 5 minutes to work them out (Watch it one day)
  • EFTPOS payment machines – ditto


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