Some musings from the weekend tramp…

Some random thoughts from the weekend “practice” tramp…

  • Pleased to still be able to manage a couple of days bushwalking. Mount McKerrow at 706 meters is not too high but as a practice tramp for Year 10 students it does present a  fairly stiff climb for 2 hours followed by quite a lot of downhill walking, equally demanding for some…
  • Students, parents, and teachers participated in the 2-minute silence to commemorate recent shooting victims. There was a reasonable amount of discussion by students about the role of social media with respect to recent events, clearly, some students had seen the video… (how many is unclear).
  • Students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh program exhibit quite high emotional IQ. They are sensible, responsible and speak to “shadow” adults in a sensible and respectful way.
  • For some reason, students feel they must play loud music while “tramping”. After a while and out of respect for other trampers the music was silenced. A couple of students did admit that having no loud music was actually better – they got to talk and listen to each other instead…
  • Students tramping are expected to make their own decisions (within reason). One such choice was: “Do we go left, right or the ridge track back to the carpark? I suggested looking at the map but alas none of the students took that suggestion. The ridge was signposted as slightly shorter time-wise so that was their choice. Ridge generally means climb up the ridge, traversed, and then descend… they should have looked at the map, the ridge route was way harder. But as a shadow, it is not my job to make decisions. I guess they learned why they should be able to read contours on maps and interpret them correctly.
  • Around 1/3 of the Year 10 cohort is doing the Duke of Edinburgh program (at bronze level). There are few Maori or Pacific Island students. I wonder why, I assume for cultural reasons, although have not investigated.
  • I wonder if I will be fit enough for the next tramp…
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