How to reduce teacher workload…

I have some ideas about how to reduce teacher workload.

  1. Don’t charge a fee to students to sit NCEA. That way Ako teachers (Form Teachers) and others do not have to follow up students and parents for the money. Arguably nothing to do with teaching! YAY DONE
  2. Reduce the workload associated with credit farming and resubs. Students have to accept failure in an assessment. (Am I allowed to use the F word!) YAY DONE
  3. Have full-time Truancy officers in school who deal with attendance. Phone calls home, chasing notes, restorative justice… Is this a teaching role? YET TO HAPPEN
  4. Have full-time student behaviour, well being and crisis management people to deal with all the nonteaching related issues associated with students. This consumes a vast amount of energy as teachers become proxy parents. YET TO HAPPEN
  5. Automate as many administrative and school processes as possible parent approvals, reporting, etc… HAPPENING DEPENDING ON CAPABILITY

More to come…

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