My time is valuable… I can give private tuition discounted to $75 per hour

I was approached, not for the first time, to help a student catch up on some missed work during nonteaching hours. I asked if they had read the material posted, talked to friends. Unsurprisingly and somewhat disappointingly the answer was “no”.

I am not paid to run private tuition and catch up for students that have missed classes. In some rare instances, I have run some workshops but more often than not students have forgotten, have a higher priority, etc… fair enough.

This got me thinking – perhaps I will offer private catch up tuition for $75 per hour, discounted to $40 if two students. This could be held at an off-site public venue perhaps a Library. Or, with school support, I could hire a classroom for a nominal fee.  There would be a late cancelation fee or full charge if no show. Parents going on holiday during term time could factor in private tuition as part of holiday cost…

While the parent/caregiver would carry the risk, I bet the student would be more engaged and I would get paid for my time. Is that after all what a professional would do? Would you expect your plumber, builder or nurse to give you professional advice for free?

Just saying and thinking…

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