Looking forward to teaching economics

In keeping with general trends (girls not boys), the number of students opting to do digital technologies has fallen over the years. There are several reasons for this…

  1. They are not electing to take it in Year 9 ie from primary school. We are thinking of calling the subject computing next year so parents and students will recognize the area of study.
  2. We don’t teach unit standards at senior levels anymore (applied computing).
  3. Digital Technologies is perceived as too hard/too much work – word of mouth by students sets the agenda…
  4. We have not yet learned how to teach computer science in a super accessible way with easier to use tools – something we are working on.

This means there are not enough classes in digital technologies to keep me gainfully employed. Fortunately, my degree of many years ago is circa 50% economics studies to second year. Who would have thought I would end up teaching it.

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