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Best view from a school classroom – seen in Wellington

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The Emperor’s new clothes

Reminds me a little of some of the changes we see promoted in education eg “Larger class sizes make no difference”. Obviously, they do, especially if you want a student-centered approach to learning. Unfortunately, in the current climate, it may not be a good idea to “call out” the Emperor even if they have no clothes.

Feel free to suggest what ideas fall into this category…

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What’s the time Mr. Wolf?

clockSchools exams are happening now. This year thanks to the advent of smart watches, students have to remove all watches prior to the exam.

No problem we have clocks.

Problem – not all students can read an analog clock.

I tested my Year 9 class on reading an analog clock. With confidence, 50% can.

Solution… buy digital clocks.

PS The letter D denotes the row you are sitting in. Doesn’t that make you feel nostalgic?

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A lesson on Innovative Learning Environments

I had the opportunity to listen to a practitioner and researcher of Innovative Learning Environments (ILE). Key message being the relationship between space and pedagogical practices. Interesting content but delivered in a traditional classroom that was too hot, too many people and generally uncomfortable. It lasted for 90 minutes in a “stand and deliver” style ie 90 minutes of being spoken at… exactly what we want to avoid. Now I have experienced (yet again) why teachers need to mix it up if they have students for longer learning times. Strange how lecturers resort to tradition chalk and talk strategies to tell us why we should not use talk and chalk strategies.


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Is this text designed for communication, education or teaching Te Reo?

A friend of mine asked me if the above text designed for communication, education or teaching Te Reo? I think it is a bit of each but in these times of limited free speech, I will not voice an opinion on whether or not these mixed objectives are mutually exclusive.

On a similar note as part of managing the projects to deliver new websites to WEGC both public and student intranet, I have been trying to source correct Maori translations of pages. This is quite challenging (with limited $). Google translate has been used in some instances although I am not convinced it does a good job. At least the fonts used support macrons, although on the external site we had to resort to pop up screens for translation of key content.



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The TARDIS – seen in Wellington

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