Taking care of Privacy in the online teaching world…

I have just completed the Privacy Commissioners course Privacy ABC for schools. Nothing particularly new (I have been a Privacy Officer in a former life) but it was good to view material in an Education context.

What I would now like to see is some specific guidance for teachers when working online from home. eg

  • pastoral care via video – don’t do it in the presence of your partners/children
  • video/phone discussions with other teachers need to be held in private (staff meetings)
  • you cannot wander off for a coffee with student work or information still on your screen…
  • written reminders, notes, planning etc probably should be stored securely

All common sense I suppose, but worthy of reminders.

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A view from a classroom…

Day 1 for students, Day 17 for teachers… at least the view is better.

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Working holiday…

School holidays are in progress. Fairly busy time, however…

  • catching up on all the work not done while preparing for a pandemic (as part of readiness team)
  • participating in several online meetings
  • preparing resources for online teaching and assessment – these have to be ready for the start of next term

Having said that we are fortunate to be employed and able to participate in meaningful work while locked down.

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random thoughts while staying at home…

  1. A few weeks ago I was in Florence, Italy on the tail end of 3 weeks England, Wales, and Croatia. Missed a bullet I think…
  2. Good quote…“We have heard that schools that have been closed overseas have probably undergone 3 years of pedagogical shift in 6 weeks” Mike Reading from ‘Using Technology Better’
  3. Post pandemic lockdown I look forward to leveraging what we have discovered about delivering learning in a modular format online where students can choose what and when they learn and in whatever order suits them.
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another pandemic impact… Silicon Valley 2020 cancelled

Sadly we have had to cancel our planned Silicon Valley trip. Worse, students parents lost around $1,200 each in non-refundable deposits. Unfortunately, this outcome could not be avoided and there are some very disappointed students – some of whom had taken on part-time jobs to help with the cost of the trip.

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one pandemic outcome…

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Pandemic planning

Wellington East Girls College has a pandemic plan, however, with the possibility of school closures becoming increasingly real, we will need to review some IT operational implications. I have done similar work as part of Business Continuity Planning (including Y2K) however the focus was on keeping critical services running… is education critical? probably not over a few weeks…

We will be using Google Hangouts and Classroom augmented by short videos. (Google are supporting these efforts internationally.) Students without access to broadband will be a challenge, for those without a device we will consider issuing Chromebooks from school stocks. Likewise, teachers will require devices, broadband, and space to teach from… (I wonder if the use of home as the office becomes tax deductable 🙂

Lots of interesting challenges and perhaps not much time…

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