2m up a tree in Aro Valley…

Seen in Wellington. Bit of a climb to retrieve but cleaned up OK.

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Message from student

It is always nice to get messages from departing students…

Of course, both these students were good-natured, capable and engaged (Taking Year 13 Digital Technologies as an elective means you have to be.) Students like these make teaching enjoyable…

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I did my degree at Vic

download (5)

Happy to still be able to say this…  probably would have anyhow even with a name change.

Reaction from Victoria University: “the university’s vice-chancellor professor Grant Guilford said it could choose to push its “Wellington” identity without the minister’s consent while it legally kept its name. It could also legally challenge the decision if the council decided to.”

Is arrogance a trait of vice-chancellors. I recall the “Brash affair” where another vice-chancellor Jan Thomas canceled the venue booking, citing non-existent security concerns…


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Great Start but need another 160 hours

Professor Tim Bell with toys

I had the good fortune to attend a 2-day professional development (PD) session delivered by Prof. Tim Bell a key player in new DT curriculum design, Computer Science Field Guide and CS-Unplugged initiatives. Even better, given the time of year, there were only 12 participants. All the more time for me to ask questions. This is part of a wider government initiative to roll out the new Digital Technologies Curriculum. Theoretically compulsory for Years 1-10 from 2020.

The only problem is that we need at least 160 hours to understand, design, develop, and test resources required to actually teach the material. Additionally, at senior levels assessments and marking schedules will also need to be prepared. All of this takes time – none of which has been allocated by many schools (and is not strictly PD). Are teachers expected to do this in their own time ie donate their “unlimited free time” to the Education sector? People I have spoken to acknowledge the issue but no one has the solution. It will be interesting to see if Boards of trustees and Principals fund serious amounts of time to implement… I will survey next year and attempt to find out.


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Year 13 left me this… probably because I use the word Exterminate too often.

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“The first Computer”

A gift from a departing Year 13 student. I made a quip a few months ago about needing an abacus to demonstrate the first calculator. Just need to work out how to use it…

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Bureaucrat wishes do not reality make

LTNZ: I wish for WoF certifiers, through our fantastic (and cheap) educative approach, ensure that all cars are safe when issued with a warrant.

Statistics NZ: I wish for everyone to complete the census online- it’s so simple.

Primary Industries: I wish that fisher people were all honest and reported bycatch correctly. (and birdlife, protected  species…)

There is s simple problem… it is called HUMAN NATURE

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