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Dear Voda,

When you change your email sending address for invoices perhaps you can notify your customers. There is a chance they white filter. More likely they have not included your address in their email address book and your email has ended up in Spam. Result: You don’t get paid, and of course send overdue notices.

Think about it next time please.


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John Oliver: Online Harrassment

I would quite like to send the link to this video to my Year 13 and possibly Year 12 students, but, it would probably get me in trouble. The message is good but some of the language and content probably makes it suitable for over 18’s.  Having said that I know that students are looking at way worse and less worthy content.



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Gigabytes listen to Catalyst and visit Datacom

Recent article written by WEGC Technology Prefects for the School Newsletter. The image shows two students with their devices(BYOD) suitably decorated as part of Gigabytes promotional activities.



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Marking done

photo (27)

Real feature in a real “office” only problem is the height is over 2 meters.

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Which is more important teachers tenure or student learning?


I was a participant in a discussion recently about how it is possible that teachers that do not have the requisite skills and experience end up teaching Computer Science. Does this happen in Calculus, Physics or Maori language? It seems that teacher’s tenure may be more important than having subject matter expertise, and students may miss out as a consequence.

In business, if you change what you are doing you typically initiate a restructuring process. If there is a mismatch of existing staff skills with skills required you can implement a combination of:

  1. Re-skill/Up-skill existing staff
  2. Make staff redundant
  3. Recruit expertise you require

If there is a shortage of the skills you require you pay more – sometimes significantly more to acquire the skills you require. Once you have these skills you leverage  them as much as possible ie

  1. Give them Administrative support so they don’t waste time on areas that can be done by others
  2. Use their skills to mentor and up-skill other staff.

I wonder if this approach is used in private or charter schools? Is this process available / viable in public schools which are heavily unionized? I don’t know but would like to find out.


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Creative Commons School



Staff supported an initiative for WEGC to adopt creative commons policies. A paper now has to go to the BoT for agreement. This decision is a “no brainer” in my view. In essence this will legitimize a common practice of teachers either sharing resources or taking copies of “their” resources with them if they switch schools. This policy is required as the Board of Trustees own the IP on these resources – unless of course they have been purchased.

I may ask students with parent permission if the assessments can be used as exemplars under a CC licence. I wonder if the CC licences will be extended to other areas of the school such as internal policies and procedures documents and computer applications.

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Should teachers do house calls?

If  a student has a high absenteeism rate ie 50%, is it the schools responsibility to arrange to visit caregivers at home? Some people believe it is. When this was suggested to me the other day as a supposition ie would you accompany me to see a student at home?  my answer was NO. This seemed to surprise some.

As I see it this is a step too far, I am a teacher who may give some pastoral care at school as a secondary component of my role (I see actual teaching as my primary role) but this does not extend outside the school grounds.

In my view (stated) this is the role of, one or a combination of the following:

  1. Truancy services,
  2. Welfare services, or
  3. Police

Am I being unreasonable?

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