Rude, bone idle and cosseted


Yes, it is the Daily Mail. My favorite extract:

The teacher was also puzzled by a girl who left the classroom in tears after learning that singer Zayn Malik had left the boy band One Direction.

‘I found it difficult to understand such emotional behaviour over a pop band,’ Miss Yang said.

I haven’t seen this yet… but would not be surprised.

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Should teachers be 24/7?

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I sent an email on Friday afternoon to a non teacher associate requesting further details. I was mildly surprised to not have an answer before Monday. Should I be?

What is the expectation of teachers when students, parents and colleagues email(or text, snapchat, Facebook, Google+, Linked in, twitter etc) during evenings, late at night, weekends, holidays etc… Is there an expectation, obligation or contractual requirement to respond?

I don’t know. When interviewing for new teachers is their attitude to responding to communications outside of “standard hours” a legitimate question to discuss?

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Is typing an essential skill?

indexFollowing a list-serve discussion about the merits of teaching typing as part of a computing course I ran a 3 minute speed/accuracy typing test on around 90 of my students. About 60% were average or better. 40% were considered slow. Some questions:

  1. Is speed/touch typing a useful skill? Absolutely.
  2. Is it essential for success? Probably not in my view. Providing you can type as fast as you can think…
  3. Who and where should “typing be taught”. At primary school as part of English in my view, in the same way as printing is taught. At secondary school, probably as a standalone course for some students… a bit like remedial English classes.

BUT: Will students with “slow” typing skills be disadvantaged when it comes to online assessments? (seen as inevitable)

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Self Management in the BYOD world

Overheard Year 9 student telling her teacher…

“I didn’t write a paragraph about how to manage myself because I forgot my self management device”

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Customer service so good I feel bad

imagesSo I went to see Fantastic Four(F4) tonight. Yes, Fantastic Four. After the F4 trailer came on I got suspicious, once Michael Douglas appeared I knew there was a problem. Never mind none of us had seen Ant Man before… A quick review of the tickets after an enjoyable movie revealed, indeed we had purchased ticket for F4, only problem is… subsequent to our booking the movie release was pushed out a week.

As a consequence the Empire Cinema & Eatery gave us complementary tickets to F4 next week and our money back. I genuinely felt bad, it’s not like we didn’t enjoy ourselves regardless of what movie we ultimately saw. Free tickets would have been more than enough. Outstanding customer service!

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100 minute lessons, a student perspective

I thought this was quite interesting. The survey was anonymous and the material incorporated into a web site assessment. The sample size is around 33% of the school roll.

Permission to reproduce provided by Ella Childs, Year 12 student.


Source Ella Childs Year 12 student

While most students (80.2%) did not like the idea at all last year, most students have now warmed up to the idea. 25.4% of the students like 100 minute periods, 38.9% of the students said that they are not as bad as they thought they would be, and 6.3% chose other, most of which said ‘it depends on the subject’. This shows that although almost all of the students (80.4%) hated the idea last year, they have nearly all changed their mind, and 70.6% of students don’t mind 100 minute periods. I believe that this shows that students didn’t really believe that 100 minute periods were a bad idea, they were just afraid of change. This is completely normal! Most people are afraid of change and wary of the unknown. However, it is important to give things a try, as you never know, you may actually like them!



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N4L: educationhq Access denied


Why? Who knows? Just read it at home I guess.

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