Modern Learning Environment – Hobsonville Point Secondary School

I recently had the privilege of attending a workshop at Hobsonville Point Secondary School . The school has been constructed to deliver learning in a way consistent with the needs and practices of 21st century students. Images are below, of interest to me were:

  1. Open plan with breakout rooms. To accommodate team teaching and project based work.
  2. Floor, walls and ceilings acoustically designed to minimize noise.
  3. Colour everywhere…
  4. Indoor Outdoor flow – including outside teaching spaces.
  5. Natural light…. everywhere.
  6. All surfaces able to be used for teaching and learning ie writing, showcasing work…
  7. Proper toilets… individual cubicles with own washing facilities – very civilized.
  8. Spacious computer suites.
  9. Flexibility: all furniture is on wheels.
  10. Lockers for all.
  11. Recycling and energy efficiency integrated into design of school.
  12. Uniform is knees to neck only… nothing else matters!

bigscreen breakoutrooms carpetmaths classroom computers gym hallway kitchen labs lecturerooms
lockers mickjaggerlips outdoors (2) outdoors recycle teaching toilets uniform wheels (2) wheels and colour wheels workonwalls

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It’s in the bag …


So, we are not allowed to confiscate cell phones, even if the student persists in off task behavior and the cell phones are not required for class. You may instruct students to place phones in their bags. However, sometimes even that is not enough … students redefine school bags as pockets (many students are going to be lawyers)… so as soon as I spot a cell phone when not required it is indeed in the bag and my latest twist … “place your bags up front ladies”. Seems to work, and it is kind of funny.

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Anyone else have a problem with this image?


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Visit to Xero

Xero (2)

Extract from Welink (school magazine), written by Aleisha Amohia (Tech Prefect)

“On 17 September, the GBs (Computer Club) ventured out … to Xero HQ…  under the care of Ben Amor and Elisa Christian. We had a great chat in one of their many meeting rooms about careers in the IT industry, studying in a computing degree, how accountancy and computing come together and what it was like working for a company like Xero. Then, we were taken on a tour around the building and were excited to see the three floors of double-screens, funky decor and white, open spaces. The kitchen was a highlight, with the vending machines, big coffee machine and wide view of the street below. It was inspiring to meet such down-to-earth people who are so clever and driven by their passion for technology, as well as be exposed to the workplace of a hugely successful software firm that is only expanding.”

Xero made the girls welcome and again it is good to see companies such as Xero willing to engage with schools.

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Computer Club badges


In a move a way from tradition (hoodies) the WEGC computer Club (known this year as Gigabytes) the girls designed and arranged supply of badges for members. They will be worn with pride.

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Miss Unique ID

Email conversation with student last weekend…

Me: quoting the Privacy Act Principle 12 Unique identifiers – such as IRD numbers, bank customer numbers, driver/s licence and passport numbers – must not be assigned to individuals unless this is necessary for the organisation concerned to carry out its functions efficiently. The identifiers must be truly unique to each individual (except in some tax related circumstances), and the identity of individuals must be clearly established. No one is required to disclose their unique identifier unless it is for, or related to, one of the purposes for which the identifier was assigned.The Government is not allowed to give people one personal number to use in all their dealings with government agencies.

Me: ie the video shop or school cannot use IRD numbers to uniquely identify clients or parents or indeed student

Miss Unique ID: That makes a lot more sense. I still don’t quite see why there has to be a law against it but I suppose it relates very strongly to privacy issues – perfect for my portfolio! Thank you both for your help!

Me : It is actually to give the public confidence that government cannot share personal data with other government agencies aka big brother 1984 fears.

Miss Unique ID: But it would be so efficient!

Me: And that is the usual argument. It would be super efficient to implant a chip with your id number at birth.

Miss Unique ID: Good point, it is a very slippery slope.

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Scaremongering on OECD report about use of technology in schools

CaptureWorth  a read if you want a well informed view on the recent OECD report “Computers, Students and Learning”.

My favorite line  “Has anyone looked into the impact of using biro and refill on test outcomes? “


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