Should schools be required to have a defib device on site?

Having been on a Red Cross course recently I am interested in the answer to the question regarding placement of a demodulation unit (commonly called AED) on school sites.  I think schools should get one and my reasons are below. (Source St Johns)

1. Each year more than 2,000 New Zealanders will suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital
2. For 72% of cardiac arrests a bystander will perform CPR
3. People may show no warnings or prior symptoms and 12% survive to hospital discharge following a cardiac arrest
4. Use of an AED within 3-5 min of collapse can increase the chance of survival by up to 44%  NOTE: 3-5 minutes!

Why schools?

  • Often have more than 800 students and staff on site
  • May have a swimming pool
  • Frequently have a Special Needs Unit
  • Most have gyms – often used by outside organizations
  • Often are more than 5 minutes away from a defib unit…
  • Often have events hosted in halls, with large numbers of public/school community attending

Seems fairly sensible to me. Also seems consistent with schools health and safety obligations… Does your school have a defib unit on site?

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Education above the clouds

I participated in a Duke of Ed Y10 training tramp to Sunrise Hut in the Ruahine Forest Park over the weekend. Those are clouds in the background. WEGC has around 200 students taking part in the Duke of Ed program so parent and teacher support is critical to its success. Students on this tramp were learning some outdoor technical skills (map reading, safety, cooking…) in addition to leadership and participation. As a teacher (on this trip), all I had to do was keep up which is harder than you may imagine.


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First Aid Training

Baby Chucky? I just spent the day gaining recertification of my First Aid certificate at Red Cross, Wellington. I learned or rather relearned a lot and had a few laughs along the way. Having a current First Aid certificate is useful for school trips and general life confidence. Did you know it is 30 compressions for 2 breaths when giving CPR and that the heinikan manoeuvre is no longer recommended for choking?

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Board games as extra curricula activity?


Not a lot of interest in computer clubs at WEGC – at least for now. I am thinking reasonably sophisticated Board games as an alternative, however, I remain unsure if students have the perseverance to learn the rules… Then there is the challenge of what type of games – would Zombieside featured above be appropriate?

“Zombicide is a collaborative game for 1 to 6 players, ages 13 and up. … Each player controls between one (for 6 players) and four (solo game) survivors, human trapped in a zombie-infested town. …”

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Bloo^& Facebook



I was wondering why my blog posts were not automatically being published on my Facebook timeline. These constant changes by FB are a real pi$$ off…

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Drinks trolley


This is a handmade toy now newly purposed… just kidding, the bottle is there to give scale. Found in discard store while looking for an old wooden ladder…

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Tahi Rua Toru Tech competition

Wellington East Girls College students Lydia Youssef and Ola Khalifa impressed three judges drawn from the IT Industry while competing in the Wellington segment of the Tahi Rua Toru Tech competition (Dragons Den for IT projects). Their project involved designing and building an Advanced Schools Technological Attendance System (ASTAS). Their presentation was well thought out, and when rigorously questioned they had clear and precise answers (eg why fingerprints were not viable as an identification technology ). They have earned the right to compete in the Nationals.

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