Turings curse (or nothing in computing is actually new)

Worth 15 minutes…

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Parking woes

Seen in Kilbirnie. A young man (22ish) tried three times to reverse park into this spot – and failed… No traffic and on the flat… There were no learner plates and the driver was not under instruction so I shall charitably assume he had a full license. How? I have no idea. I recall my driver’s test was a reverse park on a hill with a manual… Perhaps it is assumed that driver-assisted technology is all that is required? (assuming you can afford it).

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ZIP cars are cool but…

zipIn London… Joined ZIP as an alternative to hiring a car to travel to Wales. A fantastic option in terms of low price and convenience. A bit like Lime scooters for cars. Ultra-modern vehicles, no hand or foot brake, a dial for automatic transmission… petrol included etc. The Apple phone using Siri integrated seamlessly to give a GPS experience via the car sync services allowing the map to be displayed on the car consol…

As a kiwi I was surprised I could do the entire enrolment process online using phone apps. One snag was having to sign a PDF document without a printer. Fortunately, I had a laptop with the extended adobe suite so even that could be done online. The entire process took less than 24 hours to approve which is just as well…

Only minor snag is the digital competency required to book, return, enroll for this service. Natural for younger people over 25 users, but it took me a while to navigate some of the nuances of the apps.

Overall a step in the right direction of making private car ownership redundant.

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WEGC campus from Mount Victoria…

The picture was taken recently. My office area and classrooms are now on the top field. Similar to being sent to Siberia, except I actually prefer it on the top field teaching in conventional classrooms!

Quite a lot of work still going on…

  • remedial work on the new main block…
  • East block (wrapped up now) being gutted and new fit-out (asbestos)
  • Science block (wrapped up) new roof and eventually to be gutted…
  • South block (damp and smelling) to be sorted after the Esat and Science blocks
  • New entrance steps and car parks and driveways… being finished
  • Maon Hall – being painted…

Hope it all gets done by 27 January 2020…

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Death of a former student

I attended the funeral of a former student recently, as part of a contingent of 5 teachers/Principal. A number of her school friends attended the funeral service, several speaking.

She was 19 years old. I taught her over 4 years 2014-2017, she was attending Victoria University. All funerals are sad, more so this funeral given the age of the student.

Some thoughts:

  1. In an ideal world, parents should die before their children.
  2. Young adults (19) should not be mourning their friends.
  3. As a teacher, you may attend the funeral of a former student, hopefully seldom preferably never.
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Class prize giving : students choice

My Digital Technologies class were invited to:

  1. Make a list of 6 prize categories they would like to see for the class, and
  2. Decide who wins each category (chocolate bar).

I did not participate – just left it up to them. The categories they chose were:

  • Teachers Pet (favorite)
  • Most annoying
  • Loudest
  • The one who has not learned anything
  • Most likely to become  a digital technologist
  • The Overachiever

I did advise them that teachers do not have favourite students. This they clearly did not believe and went on to give someone the prize. “All teachers have favourite students” was the class consensus, so we had to agree to disagree.

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Its all about cake

It is getting to the time of the year when junior students, sensing the impending break start to do even less work than usual and with not very much enthusiasm. Happy to say that as part of reflecting on learning over the last year, one team bucked the trend. This cake augmented by a Kahoot quiz is designed to show work carried out over Terms 1 to 4 (each layer denoted with m&ms reflects the work of a term.) The “finger” represents 4 in binary, the dice a gambling program etc

The cake was cut and distributed to the DT class, an adjacent Art class and anyone else that wanted a piece. None was left.

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