Youi – breach of Privacy?

Quite a disconnect between Youi Privacy statement and the use of my cell phone  number to send Armstrong sales spam. Just because I signed up for a quote from Youi last March (which I did not complete) does not mean I want to receive a sales pitch.youbiprivacy copy photo (1)

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Achieved for Ministry Building project @WEGC


Only a week or two ago I was expressing my disappointment with the Ministry. Things change fast… $39m will go a long way to building a modern Learning Environment. Unfortunately it will be a few years of disruption but the outcome will be worthwhile.

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Teacher off task behaviour


Given my Year 9 students were working on an assessment I decided to impose some teacher off-task behavior on them ie random interruptions, irrelevant questions, an unnecessary field trip to the classroom next door, spot quizes and prizes, most of which had nothing whatsoever to do with course content. I explained I was a bit bored and needed something to amuse me. I went on to ask if was appropriate to be off task in class… hopefully they got the point. And the image of the seagulls chasing the fishing boat above – it was taken in Island Bay a couple of days ago and has nothing whatsoever to do with this post.

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CaptureSeems it is OK for Spark to email you an invoice but, too bad if you want to reply with a query. So I am supposed to know that the above address is “No-reply”? Fail on two counts of customer service. Sadly I am not surprised, just annoyed I have to go find the username/password and login. What a pain!

Another useful lesson with a real life example for students in how not to build intuitive and customer focused systems and processes.

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Student Project Management : Fail

photo (30)

Last week we (Year 9 class initially via Team Project Managers and myself)  agreed a due date for a project. Today I asked each student to independently write down the date we had agreed… with some surprising results. The due date agreed was 26 November… 5 students knew this. The rest provided dates over a range of 20 days ie 20 Nov – 11 December. Obviously I (or the Team Project Managers) are doing something wrong!

Update: Actually having now made the post I am thinking there is a future for these students as Project Managers after all, at the Ministry of Education.

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Not Achieved for Ministry Building project @WEGC

Extract from 2015 Report to parents from Board of Trustees.

Extract from 2015 Report to parents from Board of Trustees.

Seems the Ministry of Education cannot meet it’s own deadlines. The Chairpersons speech at prize giving did not mince words… in short some Ministry bureaucrats are adding “negative value” and in some cases bringing all the wrong attitudes to the table.

At this stage around 60% of the site is under construction, some of it due to weather tightness work. I suppose it can only get better; students and teachers are having to learn to be very flexible – probably not a bad skill/attitude to acquire.

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Awards for top Digital Technologies student at WEGC

Aleisha and Rose Ruane from Datacom receiving prizeCongratulations to Aleisha Amohia as top Year 13 Digital Technologies student for 2015. Thanks to Datacom for recognizing this achievement with a certificate and generous prize. Presenting the award to Aleisha is Rose Ruane, Associate Director | S & I | Datacom Systems Wellington.

Aleisha Amohia with IITP cupThank you also to the Institute of IT Professionals for presentation of inaugural “ IITP cup for Excellence in  Digital Technologies”. More on this in another post…







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