Dog walking unplugged

angusfaceInspired by Ako unplugged I decided to take my dog for a walk without a Smartphone, IPod, Watch, Fitbit or indeed any piece of technology (other than the chip in the dog which I obviously couldn’t remove). Quite an interesting experience… how many times would you reach for your phone only to find you deliberately left it at home? Being out of communication even for only 90 minutes is now quite a novel experience (but not yet a distressing one).

Is this a first world problem, or increasingly, a first world privilege?

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Who owns student work submitted to NZQA?


My class recently discovered an exemplar by one of my students on the NZQA site here Level 2, 2015 Excellence level. However…

  1. I don’t know about it
  2. The student didn’t know about it
  3. The student is identifiable by name…
  4. I really didn’t want this work online as I do not want students doing a similar portfolio to have access to it.

Which leads me to ask the question “Is NZQA allowed to post student work without their permission?” and “Who owns the student work?”. My view is that the students owns the work and that NZQA can post the work providing they have permission from the student. After all, exemplars are essential given the high failure rate for information Management portfolios.

I will ask NZQA for their thoughts!


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Ako unplugged (only books allowed)


A novel(pun intended) approach to Ako  (upgraded version of Form time) is have students spend 4o minutes reading a book quietly. This is harder than you think for students used to constant distractions. And book means book – the analogue version where you have to actually touch paper. After the first 2-3 weeks students adopted the discipline, but it did require teacher diligence. Hopefully their reading skills, concentration and imagination have improved as a consequence.

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Seen at East today


Celebrating LGBT diversity this week at WEGC

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Sign of the times

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Maybe all children should spend a day at the rest home…

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Maybe all children should spend a day at the rest home. They may then appreciate the mobility they have and use it while they still can. They can play Xbox as much as you want when they have to stay seated or in bed most of the time.

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Timely John Oliver look at Charter Schools



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