Locating students on site…

For various reasons, we recently had to locate a student. We did not even know if they were on campus. Fortunately, the combination of Linewwize (Internet filtering and blocking system) and Ruckus (Wireless onboarding system) allows an appropriately knowledgeable person to track if and where the student is on site… assuming they are connected through a Wireless Access Point.

Made me wonder about the future use of CCTV and facial recognition technology. If set up properly we could have automatic attendance registered when a student comes through the front gate, equally when they leave… Perhaps at each classroom door, so rolls will no longer need to be taken? And I have not even considered security possibilities…

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Panoramic view and ramble,,,

Centennial Lookout, Mount Victoria, Wellington -41.29912, 174.80051 Taken Saturday‎, ‎September‎ ‎15‎, ‎2018, 8:18 AM Size 4.09MB Dimensions 4690px* 1006px

I finally have a phone that can take and stitch a panoramic view.  No doubt there is quite a bit of processing power required to compensate for my hand movement. Do I still call it a phone? Around 50% of my students have a “phone” purchased in the last 24 months, that opens up some interesting opportunities when teaching image manipulation using Photoshop. Unfortunately given poor self-management skills we sparingly use the phones in class, a shame really.

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Windy Wellington – seen in Wellington

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HTML stands for?

Apparently, HTML stands for Heart Tailed Magical Llama. At least this is what several students insist.

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Boys draw / Girls draw

Look around most boys schools – they mostly seem fixated on drawing penises as graffiti. Whereas girls…

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Was the teacher ‘allowed to take a photo of us’

I caught 5 students wagging school at Reading Cinema complex. I took a photo and sent it to the appropriate Dean. One interesting question that a student asked was  ‘Is the teacher allowed to take a photo of us?”
Great question! Given that it was a relatively public place (I think), the picture was taken for the purposes of education in my role as teacher, and it was not published publically… I suspect no problem.
Interesting that a “point of law” was raised as a defense for blatant truancy. I might ask the Privacy Commissioners Office – just out of interest!
Bottom line – you got taught – tough – take the consequences. For goodness sake… if you are going to wag school do it discretely.
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Sheepish behaviour

I gave one of my Digital Technology classes an assessment. It is project-based and takes a few weeks to do. For the first time ever, half the class interpreted the instructions incorrectly. It turns out one student interpreted the instruction incorrectly and as a consequence, those students in the same vicinity also interpreted the same instruction incorrectly. My feedback included the above diagram…

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