WEGC outsourcing ICT and looking for a Digital Information Officer

WEGC have decided to outsource their ICT operations. As a consequence they are looking to employ a Digital Information Officer (DIO). The job can be found on trade me. I think it will be an interesting, challenging and worthwhile job able to have a material impact on both teachers and student lives.

Not sure about the salary (Education does not pay market rates) but the part time nature of the job will appeal to a range of people. Applications close 9 October, start date 23 October if at all possible.

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Scrutineers can wear party badges – strange but true.

I was quite surprised to see a scrutineer in Island Bay wearing a Labour party rosette. I challenged this with an official – seems this is allowable.  I subsequently looked up the scrutineer handbook and indeed this is fine. Interesting. (If it had been a National party rosette I would still have asked the question.)

Anecdotally I have heard that some schools have considered emailing parents suggesting they vote Labour – I suspect this is not appropriate.


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“Never before have so many done so well for so long, yet learnt so little.”

“It is now possible for a student to pass an external standard, such as last year’s Level One algebra, with a mark of 18 per cent.

This article in stuff should worry employers and rightly so. I wonder if NZQA will respond to this article, or perhaps Business NZ would like to comment? PPTA? Anyone?

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New school emerging…

Tangible progress can now be seen on construction of man block. It will be good to work in what will be one of the most modern schools in New Zealand.

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Slipping away

Slip at WEGC

Residual of recent day time (school day) slip at WEGC. Just one of many slips around Wellington. Unfortunately took out 4 cars (you can see the bumper of one in the rubble). Fortunately it is a car park and no students hang there.

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Key competency: Thinking

Wellington + Exposed area + Gale force wind due + Rubbish day  = Secure your rubbish.

Thinking is indeed a key competency. Sadly not practiced by all.

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Knitting circle

A group of students were off task briefly. I inquired if they were part of a knitting circle… (yes I know… possibly not PC but I would say the same to a group of boys). Surprisingly one student pulled out a ball of year, knitting needles and proceeded to explain that yes indeed she was knitting…

Apparently knitting is quite relaxing…

[Image taken by myself and used with student permission]

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