Girls will be girls

A steel beam easily accessible to students is very tempting. Needless to say, some students did make use of the beam and signs/boardings hastily erected to manage the risk. Who could have predicted that? (Architects where is your common sense?) Would you have designed similar in a school with boys?

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Good to see some student humour…

its is good to see some students have a sense of humour… In a recent assessment that required a degree of self-assessment by the student in response to:

  1. Is the report easy to understand? The student wrote “I can understand it and I have concussion”
  2. Is the report fit for purpose? The student wrote “I made it as easy as I could to understand as possible. I kept in mind teachers are my target audience.”
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Digital Signage

A side benefit of the new WEGC main block construction included the implementation of a digital signage system. We have 9 screens placed around reception, cafe and over several floors in a central location. Unlike paper notices, emailed notices, WEGC app notices, web site, facebook etc… the digital notices are seen and read by almost every student and staff member.

All we have to work out now is how to use the software (not intuitive) and develop some processes and procedures for managing and authorizing placement of notices. And the small problem of who will “own” and operate on a day to day basis still needs to be solved.

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“Call us”, Yeah right

Every few weeks I try contacting IRD to deal with an estate. Every few weeks I give up. On their website “This can take 10 weeks.”… 

I have been trying for 6  months. Time for an OIA request on responsiveness metrics, at least they have legal obligations to respond to these. Can I request an OIA request to get an answer to my letters? No doubt delays will be blamed on the new computer system.


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Python in New Zealand

Interesting little publication that found its way to my desk at school. Not surprising given Python is now taught in many secondary schools, and from 2019 I started teaching it at Year 10. Most students prefer Python to Scratch even if using a text-based programming language can be a challenge. As a consequence of reading this publication, I have signed up to the NZ Python Users Group (NZPUG). NZPUG is an organisation that aims to support and promote the use of the Python programming language in the country. I am hoping this mission statement extends to supporting the education sector – there are plenty of teachers that need help especially ay Years 12 and 13 teaching programming using Python…

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My collection of Student ID cards

The stationery list for computer science students includes earphones. Out of 25 students, 9 did not bring them (36%). I allocate them providing I have a student ID card or Snapper card or even an EFTPOS card in one case. This is worse than BYOD attendance rate (23%).

Unfortunately, students cannot access the learning resources without earphones and in some cases their own devices. (I use a computer suite so no device is no issue.) This will become interesting when students cannot access digital assessments and exams, currently being implemented… I wait for the legitimate cries of “this is not free education”…

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Why do you want my DoB?

On several occasions when asked for details of my name, address, dob, etc… I have asked why? Employees reaction is typical “Because we have to collect this information”. I get the impression that staff think I am being rude, difficult or obnoxious.

And unless provided you cannot get the required service. I realize that staff are only doing as their jobs, so there is no point in engaging in any further discussion. But I do reserve the right to ask: Why? Take it or leave it is ultimately the decision.

Sometimes I use false information – if they don’t want to see an ID it hardly matters. In light of yet another data breach (aka Culture and Heritage), I am even more reluctant to give away my personal information.

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