Spotify integration with book…

downloadI have recently read “Instrumental” by James Rhodes. This is the first book I have read where each chapter is associated with a sound track on Spotify.

It is full of great quotes…

 “binary data hurtling through the air, deciphered by Nokia and displayed on my screen was, along with the birth of my son, the first note of Bach’s Chaconne and meeting Denis the final part of the miraculous quartet that would change my life forever.”

This book is harrowing to say the least so while I recommend it, make sure you are comfortable with the content…

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Follow the hex trail…


If you have been following Westworld  and are interested in speculation about the fate of Elsie…

Go to

Copy and paste the following code:

61 48 52 30 63 44 6f 76 4c 32 52 6c 62 47 39 7a 61 57 35 6a 62 33 4a 77 62 33 4a 68 64 47 56 6b 4c 6d 4e 76 62 53 39 32 61 57 52 6c 62 79 39 70 62 6e 52 79 59 53 39 30 59 57 4a 73 5a 58 51 75 62 58 41 30 44 51 70 6f 64 48 52 77 4f 69 38 76 5a 47 56 73 62 33 4e 70 62 6d 4e 76 63 6e 42 76 63 6d 46 30 5a 57 51 75 59 32 39 74 4c 32 46 7a 63 32 56 30 63 79 39 30 63 6d 46 75 63 32 31 70 63 33 4e 70 62 32 34 75 62 58 41 30

into a hex to text converter and subsequently a base 64 decoder. This will yield the following web site addresses:

A short video and audio track indicate the character may still be alive.

Maybe something fun for students to follow through on? or attempt to replicate…

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Fake news – and the Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis)


Each year I ask my Year 9 students as part of a “no talking”but open Internet test to get me three facts about the Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis). About 80% of the class dutifully access Google and write down three facts, usually from The remaining 20% soon work out that this is an elaborately staged hoax ie a fake web site. If nothing else, 2016 has demonstrated that students must be able to critically analyse sources of information…

“Students in the 21st century must be able to take information from multiple places and in a variety of different formats, determine its reliability, and create new knowledge from that information.” Source:

This short article is worth a read.

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Christmas, the season to be spammed


My father has been dead a few months. I guess he doesn’t need to read so much of this rubbish now. If I had the time I would try and work out how to close the account … ( but honestly who can be bothered ringing the help desk, validating identity and right to act etc… maybe I will have a look at the account in ten years time!

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Storm is brewing…


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Email to parents of Year 10 Ako (Form) class

In my time at school Year 10 (4th Form) classes were notoriously difficult. Ask some current teachers and they still expect Year 10 students to be a challenge. Not my experience however….
Email to Ako parents….
No doubt your daughters are happy to be on holiday. They have been a very engaging and supportive class. Their teachers all love teaching them. 
On the last day, at their instigation the class did some unscripted reflection on what had been good over the last two years. Everyone had something positive to say and it was clear by the comments and general laughter that they have all really enjoyed school. I am sure they have had their moments of drama, however, these seem to have been forgotten on the day.
One piece of advice I gave them: If they have strong aspirations to be a Prefect they will need to start position themselves from Year 11. This means getting involved in relevant Committees and events. But that is for next year.
So, 2016 wasn’t all that bad…
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Real Estate Honesty and Integrity

What do the following have in common?

“2016 REINZ Agency of the Year” ;  “consultants that have knowledge, expertise, honesty and integrity” ; “Australia’s best-known and most trusted real estate brand.”; “Because we respect that our investors have choices!” ; “wins multiple accolades at the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand “

Apart from being a great bunch of quotes.. they come from the websites of Barfoot and Thompson, Harcourt’s, L J Hooker and  Ray White, Bayleys respectively. These quotes seem a little inconsistent with the headline “Commerce Commission’s real estate action imposes big penalties on major agencies” and having been found guilty of price fixing and anti-competitive behavior  (collectively $12m+ of fines imposed).

Apparently “None of the agencies had any intention to breach the law”…

This will be quite a good case study when teaching ethics next year.




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