Open Plan classrooms may lead to a compeative advantage… for those schools with walls

“What he had suggested was a large barn with 225 kids and nine staff.” Source here

Forget about white flight we may soon have “no walls” flight, where those schools with walls will have a competitive advantage over the new open plan learning environments…


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Transport agency failure

“The agency had taken an “education and trust” approach to its role as regulator, offering encouragement and support to those it certified, but rarely clamped down on those who failed to adhere to standards. “There was an emphasis on education rather than enforcement.” Source: Newsroom.

Does this sound familiar? a regime built without consequences…

Newman said the Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (Educanz) had to act, but argued the decision effectively handed over the control of schools to difficult children. “Unless a child is a danger to themselves or others, you can’t do anything,” he said. The only option legally open to teachers was to tell children to stop their harmful behaviour, he said. Source: Stuff

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4 out of 24 isn’t so bad?

I was due 24 portfolios to review at the end of Term 3.  The students all complained they were overloaded so under duress (we call it student’s voice) I agreed they could submit by 10 October…  yesterday.

I am by nature an optimist so I anticipated that well organized Year 12/13 students would, of course, be able to manage their time to deliver as promised… I got 4 on time, and one late. Disappointing but in hindsight predictable.

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boorish, discourteous, impolite, rude, self-centered, selfish, unthinking

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more credits, less work

Not for the first time in recent weeks I have had a student say they will not be doing external 3 credit DT portfolio because it’s not worth the effort… “I will do the Understanding Religion optional instead, as it is worth 6 credits and is easy”.

Disappointing but probably a rational choice…

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Students without empathy and respect… who fear no consequences

At Primary and Secondary schools we are seeing an increasing number of students that exhibit little empathy or respect and this is reflected in their language and behavior. A good deal of this has environmental roots ie poverty, abuse, absent and busy parents etc…

And it is being left for schools to pick up the mess. Given the shackles teachers operate under, increasing reliance on restorative practices, and little or no material consequences eg detention (which no longer happens) then students who know their “rights” have a free rein. With an increasing movement to “modern learning environments” (aka innovative learning environments ie open spaces) then the potential disruption to others learning caused by these students, possibly in groups will be magnified.

I feel a perfect storm is brewing…

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Locating students on site…

For various reasons, we recently had to locate a student. We did not even know if they were on campus. Fortunately, the combination of Linewwize (Internet filtering and blocking system) and Ruckus (Wireless onboarding system) allows an appropriately knowledgeable person to track if and where the student is on site… assuming they are connected through a Wireless Access Point.

Made me wonder about the future use of CCTV and facial recognition technology. If set up properly we could have automatic attendance registered when a student comes through the front gate, equally when they leave… Perhaps at each classroom door, so rolls will no longer need to be taken? And I have not even considered security possibilities…

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